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Food Safety HACCP  courses in Waterford



Our HACCP courses are delivered in Waterford on a regular basis.

FDQ Approved

We are approved by FDQ (Food and Drinks Qualifications) to run a wide range of programmes for the Food & Drinks sector. FDQ are one of the largest accrediting bodies in Europe http://www.fdq.org.uk/our-qualifications/ .


Our Programmes

Our Food Safety and HACCP programmes are in line with the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) guidelines. All staff working in the Food & Drinks sector are required by law to complete the Level 1 general programme at least every 2 years. It is recommended that all food handers complete the Level 2 programme every 2 years or when there is a significant change in their operations.

Trainer Profile

Our Food Safety & HACCP programmes are delivered by Ger Galvin who is based in Waterford. Ger is an experienced Food & Drinks industry practitioner and since the 1990’s has been delivering Food Safety and HACCP programmes to large, medium and craft scale businesses in the retail, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. Ger has also implemented HACCP systems in all these sectors and continues to provide consultancy and support to many of these companies.


Where do we run our programmes ?

We run small group programmes at the Woodlands Hotel, Waterford.

Full day programmes run from 9.30am to 5.00pm and Half day 9.30am to 1.00pm.

Our schedule is as outlined below.

You can book a place on line of email info@sapphiretraining.com 


Programme Schedule

Level 1 Food Safety and HACCP (Half Day – General)


Friday 1st Feb

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Level 2 Food Safety & HACCP (1 Day – Food Handlers)


Tuesday 19th Feb


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