Hospitality and Retail

As an employer, are you legally compliant for Health & Safety ? Are you doing what is reasonably practicable ?

In the event of a Food Safety incident, are you legally covered ?

Are your training requirements being met ? Is your company wasting lots of valuable time on training that could be used more efficiently ?


We can put in place a customized solution which will help ensure you meet your Health & Safety and Food Safety requirements. We can also put in a place a simple cost effective solution for managing training.


How do we do this ?

  1. We provide advice and support on Health & Safety and Food Safety as they relate to your outlet.
  2. We provide direction and training for your Health & Safety and Food Safety champions including giving them simple, user friendly templates and structures to work with. We can also provide them with recognized certification if required.
  3. We provide training to staff in all areas from manual handling to Barista including on-line training as appropriate.


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